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Redwood nursery & landscape

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Discover our growing range of nursery plants, from succulents, to full trees. Everything you need to get your next gardening project off the ground. All the essential materials your garden needs to flourish from the very start. From DIY weekenders, to full building and landscaping projects, we have you covered.

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  • Coast Redwood Tree 28" - 36" Tall - Landscape Tree, Screen - (Sequoia Sempervirens)
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Redwood Nursery Inc.

Not all products are in-stock at all times. Our website is NOT a real time inventory. Availability is subject to change without prior notice. If you are making a special trip to see us, please confirm availability in advance by callingWe strive to keep all online pricing as accurate as possible. However, occasional discrepancies can occur and prices may be subject to change without prior notice. When a discrepancy exists, the in-store price will be deemed to be correct.

We apologize in advance if this occurs. Product QuickView. Product Name Product Alt Name. Please Note: Prices and Products are listed for reference only. Subject to change without prior notice. In case of a discrepancy, the in-store price shall be deemed to be correct. This is not a real time inventory. Items may not always be in stock. Always call to confirm availability before visiting.

Availability In-Store Online. Show Brands Arts Nursery Monrovia. Shop Online. Web Store. Redwood Sequoia. View By Thumbnails List. Show Page: 1. Dawn Redwood Metasequoia glyptostroboides. Ordering Methods. Call to Check Stock. Giant Sequoia Sequoiadendron giganteum. Results: 4. Department Tags: redwood.

Back to Top Previous Page. Art's Nursery Ltd. Latest News. Please enter a valid email address. Copyright c Art's Nursery Ltd. Arts Nursery.

Coast Redwood Tree 28" - 36" Tall - Landscape Tree, Screen - (Sequoia Sempervirens)

Whether you are an experienced gardener, or just starting out, our retail location will have all you need to get started on your next project. Our knowledgeable staff is here to assist you with any questions and make sure you have all the right supplies to help your garden thrive. We're committed to providing only the best customer service and welcome your feedback. If you are working with one of our landscape professionals, we welcome you to come into our nursery to choose plants that will complement your design. For more information about our services and our current store hours, contact us today.

Poplar; Pear; Redbud; Redwood; Willow varieties of plants in the nursery to all of the soils, mulches, insecticides and other landscaping supplies you.

Now Hiring!

JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. The amount and quality of service we offer we are able to deliver is unparalleled! We are committed to providing our clients with a tremendous variety of trees and evergreens including a wealth of options and information regarding sizing to suit your needs. We just bought a Japanese Maple here. Heidi was very helpful in giving us planting advise. A five year warranty and a loyalty card made this the best nursery experience I have ever had.

Nursery Discount Program

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Dawn Redwood

We also offer complete landscaping services. We pride ourselves on growing a unique variety of potted and hanging flowering plants that are cared for by our staff of professionals. You can always get advice about plant care and maintenance from our on-site horticulturalists. You can call directly —. Of course you can always visit us at the garden center.

Trees & Evergreens

Visit our Garden Center for the latest selection of plants, trees, shrubs and perennials. Come lose yourself in the colors and aromas of our annuals and perennials or stroll through our specialty gardens for inspiration. Are you looking for unusual plants? Feed your imagination, observe and ask questions. Some of our favorites are:. in Redwood on Yellow®. we've suggested to help you refine your search Garden centres nurseries, Landscape architects, Landscaping.

Alwood Landscape and Nursery

Not all products are in-stock at all times. Our website is NOT a real time inventory.Availability is subject to change without prior notice. If you are making a special trip to see us, please confirm availability in advance by calling

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New paintjob FebruaryRedwood Barn is a local family-owned nursery that has been in Davis sinceIf you need a plant identified, bring a sample to the Redwood Barn. Also check out the Garden Questions page here on the wiki for all your gardening problems and questions.

The Redwood Falls Nursery provides full service landscape design and installation.

Main Office: Nursery Sales Office:Plant Nursery in Durham, NC. We carry everything from flowering perennials and privacy plants, to trees and mulch. If you are not sure what would work best for you, our knowledgeable team will listen to your needs and help you make an educated decision. Our nursery is open to home owners and landscape contractors to browse and utilize our vast variety. The Roots to Our Company When our doors first opened in we were dedicated to being the trusted local nursery.

The beauty of trees is year round: spring flowers, summer green leaves, colorful fall leaves and beautiful branching structure and bark in the winter. We offer hundreds of trees for showy flowering, privacy needs, shade needs and to help with wet areas. Come browse our extensive array of lovely trees.

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