How to save the bees?

While the Assembly voted to ban an insecticide that is particularly dangerous for bees *, a reminder of the situation and of the actions to be taken to save them.

For more than fifteen years, in France and in many countries of the world, the number of bees has been falling. Various factors are responsible for this ecological disaster, primarily urbanization, pollution and the use of pesticides and insecticides in gardens, green spaces and cultivated fields. As a result, the production of honey in France continues to decline. Ultimately, it is our diet that is threatened, since the production of fruits, vegetables, grains and oilseeds largely depends on foraging by bees.

It is therefore urgent to act!

Act for the bees

On a daily basis, various actions help to fight against the disappearance of bees. If you have a garden, this means banning toxic products, chemical herbicides and fertilizers, and planting honey plants. Let your lawn bloom and keep some areas fallow to promote biodiversity.

If you can, eat organic produce and support beekeepers in your area by purchasing their produce. Promote the UNAF program, "Bee, sentinel of the environment", in your municipality, which enables the public authorities to commit to the protection of bees. The association "A roof for bees" offers to sponsor a beehive to receive in exchange jars of the honey produced.

Install a beehive in the garden

Ready to embark on the adventure of beekeeping? Check with your town hall to find out the distances to be observed between beehives, neighboring properties and the public road.

They vary from department to department. You can buy a colony of bees from a beekeeper, and take the opportunity to train yourself in breeding techniques. Once you own a beehive, you must register with the veterinary services, a declaration available online at Téléruchers.

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To know: the bees will go and forage on the flowers within a radius of one kilometer around the hive, so it is better to set them up far from cultivated fields loaded with pesticides.

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* Neonicotinoids will be banned from January 2016.

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