Clematis, so generous

Clematis, so generous

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After planting or repotting them in the spring, it's time to cut and lay your clematis.

Now is the perfect time to discover this large family of climbing perennials with generous and spectacular flowering! Their incredible variety of hues, flower shapes and foliage make them a staple plant in the garden. If the clematis can flower from January to December (for example the campanela Winter Beauty, the cirrhosa Advent Bells), the best known varieties, among 250 species, bloom mainly between June and September: these are the summer clematis with large flowers. , including the famous Montana clematis.

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The clematis is hardy ... but take care of its start

Once properly in place, clematis requires little care for substantial benefit. To achieve this comfort, take the time to pamper baby clematis: it requires having your head in the sun and your feet in the shade, some also support partial shade. To do this, cover its base with a tile or plant a ground cover or a small shrub right in front of it. The vast majority of clematis are satisfied with a neutral soil, rich in humus and light at the same time, especially well drained. Its specificity: it does not like watering! Reserve them for periods of hot weather, just wet the ground and not the foot directly, nor the leaves. Clematis is also susceptible to the fungal wilt fungal disease ... Sunshine and air circulation are two anti-disease criteria. Finally, adding compost in spring is sufficient for annual pruning, after flowering and / or at the end of winter if it needs to be structured. Clematis will easily colonize a wall with trellis, an arbor, a pergola ... especially if you help it to hang on to its support for the first two years by gently tying its thin stems with raffia.

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The clematis is the symbol of lasting love.

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