Flowers in the heart of winter

In winter, too, nature offers us touches of joy and magic, with flowers full of color and warmth.

In the garden as in the living room, here are the flowers to admire in winter for their flowering ...

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The poinsettia

With its lush green foliage, bright red or creamy white bracts, the Christmas star creates a special atmosphere indoors, the Christmas atmosphere!

The poinsettia, in addition to being spectacular, is resistant and easy to maintain: with a suitable location and appropriate watering, it "illuminates" our interiors for a long time.

The phalaenopsis orchid

The ultimate easy indoor flower, theorchid blooms year round but emulates even more in the winter when most other plants begin their hibernation.

To see it bloom again and again, and marvel at its large flower stems, place it near a window in indirect light, and bathe it, roots and leaves, in water at temperature, only once the roots are again very dry.

Fertilizer may be necessary if flowering is not sufficient.


Christmas Rose is her nickname: thehellebore is a perennial which flowers from December to April depending on the species and enchants the garden with its light or dark, pink, white-green or purple flowers.

Both robust and graceful, it is comfortable in both sun and partial shade, in consistent, drained, rich, neutral or alkaline soil. A must-have in the garden!

It can also be placed in a planter, with a special Perennial soil.

Winter heather

In the ground in the garden as in planters on the balcony or at the edges of windows, the winter heather creates bushes of small white, pink or red flowers, from late December to late February, without any maintenance except for just watering, good drainage and repotting in spring.

Resistant, it grows everywhere, even in clay soils with an addition of sand.

Cyclamen Coum

Choose the cyclamen Coum, which blooms from November to March regardless of the region, in pink, purple, white or red. It adapts to both a hotpot and the garden.

Cyclamen likes cool, shade or partial shade: this variety is hardy but beware, others can be frosty.

Some may therefore prefer indoors, without exceeding 15 to 18 ° C. Also try the mini-cyclamen!

Claire Lelong-Lehoang

Visual credits: Poinsettia 1 and 2: © Wohndeko Orchid: © Oleg Zhukov - Hellébore © Lucaar - Heather: © Feferoni - Cyclamen: © Rafael Ben-Ari Fotolia

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